About Malveaux Mission

Suzanne Malveaux is an Emmy award-winning journalist who currently anchors Around The World and CNN Newsroom. In 2011 her mother, Myrna, was diagnosed with ALS.  Since her mother’s diagnosis, Malveaux has worked to learn everything she can about the causes, treatments and potential cures for the disease.  The Malveaux Mission was created to provide resources for people who want to learn more about ALS and what is currently being done to unlock its mysteries and provide a cure.

The Malveaux Mission supports an aggressive approach to raising awareness of ALS: highlighting scientific research into the causes, treatments and eventual cure of the disease; promoting the important need for ALS research funding; and ultimately helping to bring hope to patients and families affected by this disease.

Together with the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, Suzanne Malveaux and her courageous family are leading the way in finding a cure for ALS.